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                Variety of 24 v DC Cooling Fan

                Date: 2015-8-29   Click: 2074 Times

                The main component is a fan: "24V DC Cooling Fan". Its working principle is: energized coil in a magnetic field by the force of the rotation. Form of energy is transformed: the main electrical energy into mechanical energy, and because the coil has a resistance, so that there is an inevitable part of the electrical energy to be converted into heat.Category editor,Press the motor structure can be divided into: single-phase capacitor type, single phase shaded pole, three-phase induction, DC and AC "24V DC Cooling Fan" dual series wound commutator fan.By Application can be divided into: "24V DC Cooling Fan" and industrial exhaust fan.Press out air classification can be divided into: axial fans, centrifugal fans and cross-flow fan and the like.

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