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                The benefits of the 220 v Cooling Fan

                Date: 2015-8-29   Click: 1720 Times

                "220V Cooling Fan" operating mode
                1, parallel fan: dual fan pressure parallel unchanged, but will increase the amount of wind. Therefore increase the amount of wind to increase the cooling effect, "220V Cooling Fan" in the design of the cooling power is too small if you can consider increasing the fan to resolve.
                2, the series fan: Results of the series fan is pressure to increase, but the wind changed. This approach is not to solve the heat problem, generally used in the past when much wind resistance adopted to ensure that the amount of wind. "220V Cooling Fan" The main items,Using the process in order to reduce the low-noise must note the following:System Impedance: Air flow resistance will cause air flow noise generation.Airflow turbulence: due to poor design of the flow channel of air turbulence caused by high-frequency noise will appear, if it does not improve the flow channel is difficult to have a qualitative improvement.Fan speed and size: the cooling fan speed sooner the better, the greater the larger the size of the fan air flow, cooling effect is better. Fans of turn,The higher the speed the greater the noise, the larger the size the larger the noise.Temperature rise: after reducing the temperature difference between the temperature rise, the cooling effect is reduced.

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